When we got the call to do a corporate lunch for the Impossible team in London Bridge we were delighted! We have done both private and corporate events for them in the past and there is nothing like catering a lunch for a creative bunch of people who love their food.

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The brief was a thank you lunch for the team’s hard work they had put in last year. So it was decided that a starter of bruschetta with fresh coriander chutney, sharp feta and tomatoes with a cold glass of a gin and ginger cocktail was the best way to start a team lunch! Then came large platters of food to share, a typical Spice Deli affair: stuffed aubergines with spicy lamb keema, turmeric and peppercorn chicken, stuffed peppers with mustard seed potatoes, tender stem broccoli and bean salad with cashews and toasted coconut, and tandoori cauliflower. To finish the lunch, we served blood orange ice cream and blood orange and semolina syrup cakes.

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The feedback we got from the team leader was ‘Everyone was so happy and complimented the food several times. Thank you for the amazing food, drinks and dessert! They were blown away by the ice cream and cake!’


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