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I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! The lead up to the festive period always feels like such a crazy time with deadlines, office parties, school pantomimes and family visiting. I hope some of you got to recharge and even get away for some winter sun.

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We were busy with orders, including one on Boxing Day which included our popular chicken barberry pulao, fresh salads and tandoori cauliflower. We also had an order for a surprise birthday party where the order had to be timed so that the wife could plate everything before her husband got home for his surprise lunch. She ordered lamb and feta sliders, stuffed peppers with paneer, salads, and tandoori chicken. It was super fun being part of her husband’s big day! We also had orders for chocolate truffles and gingerbread cakes.

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As some of you have heard by now, we received the keys to open our new cafe/deli at the end of last year! The location is at 11 Goldhurst Terrace, NW6 in London. This has been a dream come true for us and we can’t wait to meet some of you and show you what Spice Deli has on offer. We are in the middle of demolition, choosing paint and tiles and finalising our menu. It’s full on but we are enjoying every moment seeing our idea come to life. Our concept will continue to be all around our love for spices, in particular spices from India and the Middle East. We aim to open in the Spring and will post our opening date on Instagram, so do follow us for daily developments!

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While the build continues, we still do what we love doing best which is feeding others. But before we even went down the catering route, cooking classes was what we did best. I was asked to teach an Indian cooking class for a 50th birthday present at a private home. The menu was decided, ingredients and recipes bought and together we cooked 5 dishes just in time for Sunday lunch. It was such a lovely experience to offer advice, skills and confidence to someone so that they felt empowered to use spices and cook an Indian meal in their own kitchen.

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We continue to take orders, and our website has a catering menu on it. Wish you all the best for the coming year!


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